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Gary Marathon maintains his residence and studio in McCormick, South Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Kathie, and their five cats. His daily commute to work involves stepping over or around several of their feline companions on his way to the studio. Unfortunately the studio door has to remain closed to everyone in the household except Kathie. She's the only one who has agreed not to step on the pallet and track colors around the house.

Gary attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he received a BFA in Illustration in 1968. Upon graduation, Gary spent two years in the military. His experiences as a Illustrator in the U.S. Army, included assignments at Fifth Army Headquarters,
Fort Sheridan, Illinois and Fifth Special Forces Headquarters, Vietnam. While stationed in Vietnam, Gary contributed artwork to several issues of Green Beret Magazine.

In 1994, after a twenty-five year career in Illustration and graphic arts working for federal and local government agencies, Gary decided to pursue his interests in fine art and has devoted his energies to that end. Experienced in several media, Gary has chosen to work primarily in oils and exhibited and sold his art through galleries in Arizona, Maryland and South Carolina.

In addition to gallery representation, Gary’s work has appeared in art shows along the Atlantic coast as well as many mid-western and western states. Both he and his wife enjoyed participating in the outdoor shows, and found the contact with art lovers as well as the other artists, a rewarding experience.

Gary Marathon’s original oil paintings, as well as his limited edition reproductions, are in private collections throughout the United States. His use of vivid color and his attention to detail and texture make his artwork collectable and enjoyable to art lovers everywhere.